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Friday, October 21, 2011

Mate Selection

Selecting a mate can be a difficult process. There are many different characteristics that people have to have in a spouse. It is important to date someone for at least 3 months before marrying them. Everyone shows their best characteristics when they are first dating, but you need to get to know what the person is really like in different situations.The trend nowadays is to just hang out, but when you do that you don't experience them in all aspects of their life. Jason Schwartzman said, "I don't know the first real thing about the dating game. I don't know how to talk to a specific person and connect. I just think you have to go to person by person and do the best you can with people in general." I agree with him. I don't know if there is a specific plan for success. People need to date many people, and when they get in a relationship with someone, the need to continue to date that person. It is so important for you to get to know someone before you marry them, so that there are no surprises after the wedding. 

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